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I see Sarah for an abhyanga session. As a busy business owner who has a strong meditation and mindfulness practice it can still be challenging to recalibrate on my own. For me Sarah's abhyanga treatment is a powerful way to calm my mind, bring me into the present moment to find a deep sense of release with her gentle massage and energetic healing treatment. Sarah is passionate about supporting her clients to find nourishing healing moments. I'd highly recommend checking out one of her healing offerings."
- Jessy Raspiller

"I always look forward to my time with Sarah. Her genuine and empathetic energy is conducive to an incredibly safe environment, in which I feel I can truly relax. In addition to being a very talented massage therapist, she is also well-versed in sound healing and breathwork. I would recommend Sarah to anyone that could use a little reset from the stresses of everyday life."
- Dominic Pino

"It's such a treat to get a massage by Sarah. Her massages are imbued with love for the centuries old Ayurvedic tradition of using hot oils particular to each person's body type or dosha. My whole bodies' skin feels soothed and hydrated for days afterward. The nurturing benefits of this traditional massage are enhanced not only by the love with which they are given but also by her serene and grounded presence. One of the best massages I've had in the many years of receiving them. I feel blessed to have her wonderful massages available to me so readily and close to my home." 
- Juana Samayoa

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